How to plan your move?

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Moving from one home to another can be very stressful. Please see some tips below suggesting how to plan it and avoid unnecessary problems.

  •  The first thing to do is to decide whether you would like to do it yourself of hire a professional company. If you would like your precious belongings to be transported safely from home to home I suggest hiring a company like Superb Moves. You should call as soon as possible and make an appointment for quotation or get it on the phone. Then simply schedule moving day with the company. Arrange exact date and time.
  •  When you know time and date of the moving try to take a day off from work. You will need to be present at least at the beginning and ending of the removal service.
  •  If you have children, consider hiring a babysitter for this day or ask a member of your family or friend to take care of them for the time of moving. When kids are not present during this time you would be able to focus on this task entirely and avoid unnecessary stress.
  •  Does your current building have an administrator? You should let him know about planned moving so he can be prepared and inform other tenants.
  •  Try to reserve a parking space for the van or lorry near old and new house. This will help you avoid parking ticket.
  •  Remember to speak with moving company about packing materials. There is an option for pack and move, which means professional company will pack all your belongings for you. You would be asked for covering the costs of all the materials like boxes or bubble wrap. You can always ask for the price breakdown to see all the costs in detail.
    There should also be an option for you to order packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper etc.) prior to moving and then you will be able to pack your possessions by yourself.
  •  Moving day is a great option for doing general cleaning and segregation of your belongings. You would never guess how many of them you keep unnecessary. You can give some of your old clothes to charity, sell old computer games to second hand shop or simply throw away all unwanted and broken findings.
  •  Short after moving or a while before you need to remember to inform your council about changing the address. They will ask you for a new one while filling the form.
    Remember to provide your employer, bank and your friends and family with your new address.
  •  Another important matter is your broadband. Most of the broadband providers will not have a problem with moving your service. First you can use a postcode checker to see what is available in your area, then find out what to do with your current contract. Try to let know your provider about moving as soon as possible so they can arrange a suitable day to move your broadband. Usually it should take up to few days when there is a working line in your new place, but in case of delay caused by installing a new one even two weeks.

Try to remember about few general and most important steps while planning your big moving day. I can guarantee that after reading our blog you will be prepared for everything!

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How to plan your move?

Moving from one home to another can be very stressful. Please see some tips below suggesting how to plan it and avoid unnecessary problems.  The